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Colt Name – Shivaji


Breed – Marwari
Colt name – Shivaji
Price – 240000/- (2.4lakhs)
Category – Milkteeth
Bloodline – Kala kanta (alishaan)
Sire – Ashok kanta
Grand sire – Kala kanta with dna
Owner name – Dhanush
Owner number – +91 96329 67753
Location – Banglore (karnataka)

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He is very auspicious chestnut,4 leg blaze and face blaze colored Panjakalyan colt

He is from Alishaan line, his father is Ashok Kanta,

Ashok Kanta is son of Kala Kanta

Kala Kanta is the son of Alishaan

Ps – Ashok Kanta is registered in All India Marwari Horse society

* This colt have all whorls cleared including Devman

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