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Terms and Conditions

  • Anigram website is just a bridge which connects buyers and sellers in a row, anigram team and owners aren’t responsible for any sales related issues, buyers can buy animal only on their knowledge with their own risk, anigram team doesn’t own animals so we aren’t trading the animals instead its just a platform to help farmers for their cattles sales.
  • Tips for buyers
  • Team anigram is very concerned about listing only healthy animals
  • Although its a healthy animal as a responsible customer you have to buy the animal only in live by checking its vision, hearing capability and health
  • If you wanna do transportation, make a good deal with the seller and do transportation at your own risk
  • Make sure that you’re purchasing animal only in live by checking its all health conditions
  • Sellers and buyers never make transaction without making the deal in live location, if you’re making that, then that’s 100% its on your own risk our team anigram isn’t responsible for your sales
  • Sellers never make exchange with other sellers, there are lot of scammers they might scam you, if you’re making exchange then that’s purely that’s on your own risk, anigram team isn’t responsible for your exchange deals
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